Roly Poly Dolls, Sweet Sugary Paperclay Creations and One Sweet Teacher to Keep Them all in Line!














Jackie – A Sweet Halloween Jack o’ Lantern

This little lady was very fun to make. I LOVE making artwork for Halloween and autumn. You can be as silly, serious or as spooky as you want to be.

This little girl is on the sweet side. She is my offering for August’s PFATT Marketplace update. Here are some pics of sweet Jackie.






Halloween Dumplings in Print…Winter 2015

I was so excited to learn months ago that my work would be featured in the Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2015 edition. Although it’s been super hard to keep this secret, I managed not to spill the beans (publicly) way before the issue was even printed! Three of my large paper mache / paperclay Halloween dolls were chosen for publication & I have to tell you, these three are some of my favorites! So much so, that one of the dolls decided she needs to stay with me. It’s very rare that I keep a piece for myself. To date, I’ve only kept two for my own collections. This article will help you begin to create your own paper mache / paperclay sculpture. You’ll get to read a little about my favorite Halloween tradition–trick or treating and how the 300 + trick or treaters we get each year, inspire me to create. If you’re interested in purchasing this magazine it hit newstands on December first and can be purchased directly from Stampington or can be found in craft stores like Michael’s or fine book stores. One of the dolls published in this magazine is still available in my Etsy shop. More photos of her can be seen here.





Pumpkins, Witches, Butterflies, Pugs and Mushrooms…New Work on Etsy

I just listed a few of my brand spanking new pieces in my Etsy shop. These guys are fresh off the work table and would be so happy with a new home for fall.

Here they are: (Click the first photo below to be taken to the corresponding listing in my Etsy shop. And if you don’t shop on Etsy and don’t wish to open an account, but would like one of these dolls, just contact me. )

“Gia” # 220

Gia -- a Monarch

“Poppy” #221








This little lady’s name might seem a little familiar. When I began sculpting her, I had a very different vision in mind. As I kept sculpting, I could “see” a very different doll taking shape. I decided to follow that path and file the other idea away for another sculpting session. The more I sculpted this doll, making decisions about clothing and her hat, I realized that, in a way, I was sculpting a self portrait–the person I would be if I were a woodland fairy. Not that she looks like me…but she feels like me.

And so, I named this doll “Becca”.


To read more about any of these dolls, click the first photo to go to my Etsy shop! Happy looking!