More Barns from the Kentucky Quilt Trail

Below are more barns from the US 460 Portion of the Kentucky Quilt Trail.

The Twinkling Star:


Maple Leaf – Early Fall:



Swamp Valley Museum Quilt Square in Frenchburg, KY:


Quilt squares in Frenchburg:



Click here to read my original post which includes some of this project’s history & purpose & of course, more quilt squares for viewing.

My Appalachia – Barns from the Kentucky Quilt Trail

In the past few years, large works of art have been popping up throughout Eastern Kentucky. It is all part of the Kentucky Quilt Trail: a celebration of the region’s quilting heritage and historic barns & architecture. Few things are quite as pretty as a drive through the back roads of Kentucky, but these quilt blocks make the trip even prettier. The quilt blocks below are from the US 460 Trail on Tarr Ridge Road which winds down into the Red River Gorge, which is spectacular all on its own & a rock climbing hotspot.

The Calico Cat:


The music symbol in the middle of the Log Cabin quilt square (below) was placed to honor Dr. Haley Northcutt who was a country doctor and old-time fiddler. He owned this property until his death; now owned by his grandson’s family. There is a log cabin located on the property in front of the barn.





Three of my favorite things in the world are barns, quilts & round hay bales in a field. When I get to see all three at once–it’s a complete delight to my eyes.

To see more of these quilt squares, visit The Kentucky Quilt Trail, keep your eyes on this blog (I plan to feature more of these barns…), or take a drive through Kentucky!