Honey Oats and Pumpkin

I really love Etsy treasuries. I love the mood they create, the creative titles, how the items curated relate to one another, the discovery of new artists/craftsmen and interesting items. And I really love seeing my little ones in a treasury…getting to hang out with other cool Etsy items for a little while. This treasury is called Honey Oats and Pumpkin and my little pumpkin head doll, Pea, is in this one! How fitting for fall. Click the image below to be taken to the Etsy treasury where you can click on each image to view the item or discover a neat shop!
Honey Oats and Pumpkin -- an Etsy Treasury

Living With Words – An Etsy Treasury

I love punches of text inside a home. I’m quite smitten with various fonts & love accessories made from paper or neat, letter-pressed cards. Here’s a sampling of some great Etsy finds! (Click the image below to visit the treasury as seen on Etsy. All links are clickable from there.)

Happy Winter, Little Squirrel

I absolutely love creating treasuries on Etsy. It’s almost like a treasure hunt / puzzle balled into one activity. I love searching through listings of sweet handmade items to find the perfect item. What is the perfect item for a treasury? It has to suit my theme. The photo of the item should be great & most of all, it should suit the color/colors or tone of my treasury. I also try to pick items that I would love to have. I guess building treasuries is window shopping too!

The treasury collection above is my latest. It’s titled Happy Winter, Little Squirrel. I began this treasury thinking about woodland themed Christmas items, which also happens to be theme of my own Christmas decor this season. Ultimately, the image of the soft winter squirrel won out & I chose to focus on this beautiful creature. All of the items above are exceptional! If you see something you just have to have, click the image above to be taken to the treasury on Etsy. From there, click till your heart’s content.

Happy Winter!

More Etsy Love!

The storybook treasuries are always a hit, I think.  Click each image below to take you to individual treasuries. Items may be viewed or purchased separately from there. THANK YOU to those who have featured my artwork. I am honored to be featured amongst such gorgeous items!