Happy Winter, Little Squirrel

I absolutely love creating treasuries on Etsy. It’s almost like a treasure hunt / puzzle balled into one activity. I love searching through listings of sweet handmade items to find the perfect item. What is the perfect item for a treasury? It has to suit my theme. The photo of the item should be great & most of all, it should suit the color/colors or tone of my treasury. I also try to pick items that I would love to have. I guess building treasuries is window shopping too!

The treasury collection above is my latest. It’s titled Happy Winter, Little Squirrel. I began this treasury thinking about woodland themed Christmas items, which also happens to be theme of my own Christmas decor this season. Ultimately, the image of the soft winter squirrel won out & I chose to focus on this beautiful creature. All of the items above are exceptional! If you see something you just have to have, click the image above to be taken to the treasury on Etsy. From there, click till your heart’s content.

Happy Winter!

Yippee! I’m in a Treasury.


You see him up there? My little White Rabbit broach? How sweet to be included in a such a wonderful treasury! This Etsy Treasury was compiled by La Baleine a Plumes. Thanks so much for including me!

You may notice that usually there’s a new dolly listed here on Monday. And if not on Monday, then surely by Tuesday night I have something listed.

I’m sad to say, there will be no dolly this week. I had been working on a very special piece for a Prim & Whimsy Girls Challenge that is going on this week! (Search PWGL Bewitched to see what my talented PWGL sisters have made.) I just didn’t get finished. And on top of that, Dave & I are working very hard this week to prepare a house for our belongings. That’s right. In a few short days, we’ll officially be homeowners! We’re terribly excited, but there’s so much work to do. We still have to pack the majority of our belongings. So if you don’t see a Miller Campbell Designs dolly for a little while, that’s why.

But, here’s something that will make you all giddy with excitement. I know a lady who is having a fantastic give-away that you can join! Her name is Jo & she & her hubby make the most wonderful dollies. Oh, you know who I’m talking about? Did you already know about the give-away? If not just go here, to her super fabulous blog to read all the details & see how you can win these most wonderful of items.


pattern group

Wish us luck with this move! I’ll have pictures to share soon & I hope you all have a fantastic week!