Claudette, A Sweet Primitive Reindeer

ClaudetteHeadToToe This little girl is sure to bring a smile or two! Meet Claudette. She’s my original design & has been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill . Claudette measures 17.5″ from the top of those awesome antlers to the bottom of her pretty little boots. She’s been painted & sanded many times, giving her a lovely, aged patina. She has been sealed with a combination of matte & glossy sealers so that she may be beautifully preserved. Claudette can sit with assistance. Her knees have been sewn through. She also has a hemp loop attached to her back for hanging. 

Claudette’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her bottom lip & nose have been needle-sculpted by hand.

Claudette’s fingers have been needle-sculpted as well. She sports tan gloves. She also sports pretty brown boots complete with tan socks & red detailed laces.

ClaudetteFace ClaudetteProfile ClaudetteHand

The apron dress Claudette wears is made from 100% cotton Moda prints in festive red & cream. Claudette’s blouse has been made of taupe osnaburg & features a big, vintage, mother of pearl button at the neckline. It also features hand-gathered sleeves. All exposed hems have been hand-stitched. There is also hand-stitching at the back of Claudette’s blouse & along the neckline.

ClaudetteFabric ClaudetteBoots ClaudetteBodice

Claudette’s hair is curly, light brown 100% mohair. I’ve applied it with light glue & needle-felting.

Claudette will be available tonight at 9:17PM EST. She will end Sunday, Dec. 14th at 9:17 PM EST. Click here to view or bid.


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Elliot & his Primitive Holiday Friends


ElliotHatlessTorso This little guy has been working his fingers to the bone!

I’m proud to introduce to you Elliot & his armload of holiday friends. These dolls are entirely my original designs. Elliot is 30" tall & made of muslin. His teddy is 7 1/2" tall & that sweet little stick pony is 21" long. These dolls have been stuffed with fiberfill. Elliot’s lower torso is rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to weight his bottom. I have hand-painted Elliot & his gang from head to toe. Then I sanded them, painted them from head to toe again & sanded them again. Elliot has been treated to a series of paint washes that make him look oh so vintage & like an old world doll. His teddy & stick pony have been stained to look super grungy! Elliot’s arms are lightly wired allowing him to be slightly posed so that he can hold his armload of friends.   Elliot’s neck is supported with a wooden dowel. His pony has also been attached to a wooden dowel covered in authentic vintage pillow ticking (not reproduction).

ElliotProfileHat Elliot’s facial features (nose & bottom lip) have been needle sculpted & hand-painted. His bottom lip pouts. His upper lip is simply painted. Elliot has peachy cheeks, detailed eyebrows & the biggest baby blue eyes. Teddy’s facial features have been hand painted. She has green eyes & rosy cheeks. Pony’s features have also been hand painted. He has chocolate skin, grey eyes & a white blaze that runs down his face. Elliot’s fingers have been needle sculpted. He sports brown painted & distressed gloves. These dolls have been painted with premium acrylic paints & have been accented & shaded heavily with oil pastels. They have been sealed top to bottom with clear, glossy acrylic sealer so that they may be preserved beautifully over the years & kept a lifetime.


ElliotBear ElliotHorse

Now for those shoes! Elliot is wearing the coolest shoe/sock combo to be found! Elliot sports two tone (caramel & chocolate) vintage wingtips. They’re deeply highlighted & shaded, right down to the laces! And how can you have great shoes without a snazzy pair of socks? Elliot is rocking some green & brown argyle.

ElliotShoes ElliotSocks

Elliot is wearing an off-white flannel shirt which has been grunged up good & proper. It is accented with vintage buttons. Elliot’s bibs are made of chocolate corduroy. The legs end right above his sock & are gathered with hemp twine tied into a bow. Elliot’s newsboy cap is also made of corduroy. The bill has been lightly wired so that it can be adjusted. Elliot’s hat is not attached, allowing him to be displayed with or without it. Elliot’s shirt & cap & overalls feature visible hand stitching. I dyed Elliot’s shirt in a coffee, lavender bud & vanilla bath. They do not smell however. I simply dyed it in those substances to obtain the desired hue. The pillow ticking on Pony’s stick has been treated to a light paint wash.

Elliot & Pony’s hair is 100% raw wool. It has been lightly glued for extra stability & then carefully needle felted to them.

Elliot & gang are available on eBay until Nov. 4th. Auction ends at 9:13 p.m.

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