Lumina, a tiny paperclay punkin’ head.

This sweet little girl is Lumina. If you’ve seen my previous dolls, you’ll know that this dolly is a little different than the dolls I normally create. Lumina is a 12″ tall doll created of paperclay, fabric & paper mache cone. Her head and torso have been sculpted by hand without the use of any molds. She has a paper mache cone as a base. She has no legs. Her arms are made of muslin, have been stuffed, painted & are button jointed. Lumina has been hand-painted top to bottom a couple of times & has such a lovely, aged patina. She’s been sealed so that she may be lightly dusted after display.
Lumina’s sweet face has been painted with a variety of media. Her paperclay face has lots of dimension & a great little pout (similar to my fabric dollies!) Her stem is accented with tendrils made of rusty wire.
Her skirt has been created from a 100% cotton print in a lovely black & cream pattern. The hem has been hand-stitched.

Lumina is available on Ebay. She will end Sunday, July 25th at 9:15 Pm EST. Click here to view or bid.

Bernadette – A Frosty Autumn Fairy with Leaves of Red & Gold

There’s no need to tell you what inspired this sweet angel. She is a frosty autumn delight for sure & maybe, just maybe, this little gal has been hard at work on those chilly mornings when frost covered leaves crunch under your feet. Bernadette is my original design. No pattern has been used to make her. She’s just under 16″ tall, with a wingspan of 10″. She’s been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. She’s been hand-painted & sanded top to bottom many times, giving her a lovely aged patina. Bernadette has been sealed sealed so they she be beautifully preserved. She has a hemp loop attached to her back making her suitable for hanging or she may sit with assistance. (See pic at below.) Bernadette has lightly wired arms that have been tied together, allowing her to hold her pumpkin.

Bernadette’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her nose & bottom lip have been needle-sculpted by hand.

BernadetteFace BernadetteProfile BernadetteHand

Bernadette’s fingers have been needle-sculpted as well. She sports dark mustard yellow gloves. She also sports pretty brown complete with dark red laces & mustard colored socks.

BernadetteBoots BernadetteBodice BernadetteFabric

Bernadette’s apron dress has been made from a 100% cotton print. Her blouse is made from muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & a taupe bead at the neckline. All exposed hems have been hand-stitched as has the back & neckline of Bernadette’s blouse.



These wings are 10 inches wide. They’re made of muslin & cotton batting. They’ve been intricately machine quilted & are oh so pretty in person. They’ve been painted a number of times, sanded & aged. They’re good & grungy. The top of her red leaf wings are covered with vintage style glass glitter that sparkles lovely in dim light.


Bernadette’s fall pumpkin is 3″ wide and 2″ tall. The leaves have been constructed from osnaburg, painted & aged. I’ve dusted the top of the pumpkin with vintage-style glass glitter, resembling sparkling frost.

Bernadette’s hair is light brown 100% mohair. It was lightly glued & carefully needle-felted to her head. It is styled into a side pony & tied with a chocolate ribbon.


Bernadette is available on Ebay. She will end Oct. 26th at 9PM EST. Click here to view or bid!