Stanley, the rowdiest bear in Town!


This little guy can’t wait to play some toe-tapping, down home, bluegrass music!

I am so happy to introduce to you Stanley, the sweetest little banjo picker in existence. This doll & his instrument of choice was inspired by a Land of Nod catalog cover I found many years ago. I loved the imagery & decided to make a doll out of it! You won’t find another doll like this around. I’ve used no patterns to create this set. Stanley, named after a popular bluegrass legend, is 28″ tall. His rocking banjo is 18″ long & 6.5″ at the widest part. This set has been made of muslin and stuffed with fiberfill. Stanley’s lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to weight his little bottom. I’ve hand-painted & sanded Stanley & his banjo from top to bottom. Then I hand-painted & sanded them again. Stanley has been treated to a series of paint washes that give him a beautiful, deeply aged patina & make him look oh so vintage. His banjo has been stained to give it a super grungy appearance. Stanley’s arms are lightly wired allowing him to be slightly posed.

StanleyCloseStanleyFootClose StanleyPolkaDots

Stanley’s facial features have been entirely hand-painted. He has rosy cheeks, big green eyes & a super wide smile. Stanley has black dots all over him! Stanley’s fingers & cute little bear feet have been needle-sculpted & hand-painted. Stanley wears brown painted gloves to protect his fingers when he starts picking a real fast tune! He & his banjo have been painted with premium acrylic paints and have been accented & shaded heavily with oil & chalk pastels. They have been sealed top to bottom with clear, glossy acrylic sealer so that they may be preserved beautifully over the years & kept a lifetime.

It’s only a matter of time until he hits Nashville. And with a banjo like this, I’m sure he’ll be the talk of the town!


Stanley is wearing chocolate corduroy pants which have been hand-gathered just above his feet. They have been secured at the waist with elastic. He’s sporting yellow polka dot suspenders, made from a high quality calico print. They were treated to a coffee & lavender bud bath. They were then hand-washed.

Stanley would make the perfect Christmas gift for any music fan or bear collector or would look at home displayed with Santa & some of his little elves this Christmas season!

Stanley will be available on eBay at 9PM EST 11/25 – 12/02. Click here to view or bid!