Smile Please.

Remember Picture Day at school? This is kinda like that without all the fidgeting….last minute primping and smoothing of the hair, straightening the skirt, bigger smile please and, as always, a few outtakes. No matter what anyone tells you, photographing artwork is hard work. I’ve been waiting for good light forever during this rainy July.



Creating New People.

I’ve spent this week working on & designing new dollies. I love this part of the process, when things are still fresh and new and there are so many possibilities. It’s exciting to see what was once a blank sheet of paper become a template, with just a hint of the creature that is waiting to be born. It’s exciting to see a square lump of clay take form, become plump cheeks or a tiny lip. One of my favorite details on clay dolls are earrings. It’s such a small thing but I think it adds such charm to the overall doll. Perhaps that’s what’s exciting! Although in this stage, everything looks so bland, I know what these little pieces can & will become. I know what that tiny dollop of clay on the earlobe will look like in the end. And I usually can’t wait to see it finished!

Here are some of my new woodland inspired creatures in the making.