2015 Woodland Art Fair


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In exactly one week, I will be setting up my space for the Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. This is my 2nd year participating in this event. I had such a warm reception last year and am really looking forward to the weekend! In preparation, I’ve been working on new pieces and will have a good selection of wonderful little people and critters available. Today I’m working especially hard on some sweet sculptures to share during the Woodland Art Fair.

AND…I’m really looking forward to the food. Is that wrong of me? If it is, I guess I don’t want to be right! Crank and Boom ice cream, my current obsession, will be available during the fair as well as Goodfella’s Pizza, which is a little slice of heaven! So if you stop by my booth, don’t be surprised if I’m in the middle of my blackberry buttermilk ice cream! Oh, it’s to die for–like the last bite of blackberry cobbler, when the ice cream is melted.

These are some sneak peeks of the pieces I’m working on today (and will be working on this weekend!).

If you visit, I’ll be in booth 219–the same location as last year. I’m near the bandstand. On the map below I’m in the upper left hand corner. Just click on the map to make it bigger or to be take to the Woodland Art Fair map page.


Work in Progress! It takes a lot of little steps until they are complete!







2014 AFB Woodland Art Fair Merit Award for Sculpture

I am not a “toot my own horn” type of person. And I never really want to be. But I do want to share this award with you. It definitely means a lot to me.


This was my first year at the AFB Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. As with any new venture, there is always some level of nerves at play. I hoped the Lexington crowd would like my work, but one can never really be certain. BUT, I had a good weekend and it seemed as though lots of folks like the artwork I had to show. There were so many compliments and nice  conversations in addition to the oohhs, ahhhs and laughter. There were even emotional moments as my dolls reminded one viewer of her grandma and the feedsack dresses she made for her.  I really enjoy the opportunity to tell folks about my doll making process. And I especially love hearing what the dolls say to you, what they mean to you and how they make you feel.

The icing on a very delicious cake, was this award, given on Sunday morning. It’s the 2014 Merit Award in the Sculpture category.

I am proud of this award for several reasons.

It’s my first art-related award.

It was my first showing at this prestigious, well-known, well-attended art fair.

The work awarded was a combination of soft-sculpture and mixed media.

AND, as a Merit award winner, I’m guaranteed a spot in next year’s art fair.

I’m already looking so forward to it!

Thank you Lexington Art League and Thank You, Enderle & Co. for sponsoring the Merit award for Sculpture.



New Sculpts on Etsy!

These two cuties have recently made an appearance in my Etsy shop. (And if you’ve noticed, quite a few new dolls have shown up there too! Psssttt. More to come!)

Santa Claus — a lovely head to toe sculpture in green & taupe stripes with a phenomenal beard!

And Harriet–a prim & proper little miss & the first doll in my collection wearing the new metallic Martha Stewart paints. They are delicious, I tell you. I am having to restrain myself from adding metallic paint to EVERY doll. She also has a bit of Martha Stewart glitter on her hairbow. It’s the best & so sparkly!

You can view more pics of these little guys or purchase them in the Winter and Christmas section of my Etsy shop. Or just click here.


“Give me paint!” they say.

Sculpted Works in Process…