A Halloween Trick or Treater sure to frighten your pants off.

Okay. So maybe she’s not spooky at all. But she will take all your candy. If you let her.

This sweet little trick-or-treater is Sadie. And Sadie wants to fill her special pumpkin bag with as much candy as it can possibly hold! Sadie is my original design & is guaranteed one of a kind art! Sadie has been painted & sanded, top to bottom many, many times & is sealed with a combination of sealers so she may be beautifully preserved. She has a weighted torso allowing her to sit nicely. She was lightly wired arms & measures 17″ tall from the tip of her ears to the bottom of her pretty boots. Her pumpkin bag is 3.5 inches tall & a little over 3.5 inches wide.

Sadie’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her nose & bottom lip have been needle-sculpted by hand.

I’ve needle-sculpted Sadie’s fingers as well. She sports grey gloves. She also sports pretty brown boots with mustard yellow laces & dark grey socks.

SadieFace SadieBoots SadieSleeve

Sadie’s apron skirt has been made from a black & cream 100% cotton print. Her blouse is made from muslin & features a vintage button & tiny glass beads along the collar & hand-gathered sleeves. There’s tons of hand-stitching on this doll. All visible hems have been hand-stitched. Sadie’s collar & the back of her blouse feature hand-stitching as well. Sadie’s muslin wings, which have been hand-painted & sanded, have been machine-quilted.


This pumpkin bag has been made of osanburg. It’s has an inside lining & has been hand-stitched along the top edge. It has been hand-painted (outside only) & is finished off with a chocolate ribbon handle which I’ve looped around Sadie’s arm. This pumpkin is removable.


Sadie’s wings are attached with heavy-duty button thread & a vintage grey button.

She’ll be available on eBay Sept. 21 at 9PM EST & will end Sept 28th at 9PM EST. Click here to view or bid.

A Primitive Halloween Witch Clutching her Crescent Moon

BellaHeadToToe This little sweetie is Bella. Bella is my original design is guaranteed one of a kind art & is my first Halloween creation for 2008! Bella is 27″ tall from the top of her hat to the bottom of her shoes. She’s been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Her lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled, weighting her little bottom. Bella has been hand-painted & sanded, top to bottom many times & has a rich, deeply-aged patina. Bella’s arms are lightly wired allowing her to be slightly posed.

Bella’s face has been needle-sculpted by hand and hand-painted. Her bottom lip ‘pouts’ while her top lip is simply painted. She has been painted with various mediums & has been sealed top to bottom with a combination of sealers so that she may be lightly dusted after display.

Bella’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She grey painted gloves. She also sports painted black boots with grey socks. Her high boots are highly detailed right down to the pretty blue laces!

BellaBoots BellaBodice BellaMoon

Bella’s apron dress is made from 100% black & white cotton prints. (I am in love with this fabric combo on her dress!) Bella’s blouse is made of white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves. Her collar has been hand-stitched with black embroidery thread. Both the dress & blouse feature tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been hand-stitched (dress, sleeves, collar), as well as the back of the blouse. All clothing has been dyed in a coffee/lavender bud bath for a slightly aged appearance. It was then hand-washed & pressed with linen water.

BellaTorsoBella holds in her lap a white crescent moon made from muslin. It has been hand-painted & sanded many times & is 5 inches tall top to bottom.

Bella’s hair is strawberry blonde 100% mohair. I have lightly glued, then carefully needle-felted it to her head. It is parted & styled into wild side pigtails.

Bella’s hat which has been hand-made from muslin & painted, sanded & stained, is securely pinned to Bella’s head with a pearl tipped corsage pin. It can be removed for year round display.

Bella will be available on eBay July 6th at 9PM EST. She will end Sunday night, July 13th at 9 PM EST.

Click here to view or bid on this not so spooky little girl.