First World Problems in the Crafting Universe…

This…this is what I get myself into.


I begin by working on one small batch of characters. Then I think, “Hey, since I have the clay out and my hands are messy, why not start some more people.” Always, there are people wanting to be made. In this photo there are 23 clay creations all in the earliest stages. And these are just the paperclay creations. I would be embarrassed to show you my entire workroom. This is however, one of my favorite stages of creating–the beginning! The pop of an idea or a little doll that tells me it wants to be something different than I had intended. In this stage the possibilities are so endless. And just maybe, I tell myself, just maybe, these will be the very BEST dolls I’ve ever made.

I like plunging into that mess head on. Perhaps that’s why my work table ends up like this. Those sudden moments of inspiration are like fire and it spreads. I often come out of my work space, cheeks aflame, nose and chest flushed with red. It happens when I paint, when I sculpt, when I write, when I feel something intensely. It is fun to lose yourself in that.

And so, I’m ok that there are currently 23 projects waiting for my hands to finish finding them.

But for the rest of 2015 I’m going to work on focus, more targeted focus in my workroom. Beginning a project or a SMALL batch of objects & then seeing them through to completion until I start on the next set!

Right now, though, there are furry creatures and sweet storybook girls, icy snowmen, feathery crows, bearded santas and a few cackling witches waiting to be born!



New Sculpts on Etsy!

These two cuties have recently made an appearance in my Etsy shop. (And if you’ve noticed, quite a few new dolls have shown up there too! Psssttt. More to come!)

Santa Claus — a lovely head to toe sculpture in green & taupe stripes with a phenomenal beard!

And Harriet–a prim & proper little miss & the first doll in my collection wearing the new metallic Martha Stewart paints. They are delicious, I tell you. I am having to restrain myself from adding metallic paint to EVERY doll. She also has a bit of Martha Stewart glitter on her hairbow. It’s the best & so sparkly!

You can view more pics of these little guys or purchase them in the Winter and Christmas section of my Etsy shop. Or just click here.


“Give me paint!” they say.

Sculpted Works in Process…

Shelby – A Woodland Sprite

I’m so excited to introduce this little lady to you. Her name is Shelby. She is an OOAK (original, one of a kind) woodland sprite & the first of many pieces which I consider to be a type of sculpted vignette.

Shelby is my first head to toe sculpt & I have to tell you I’ve had so much fun dreaming her up & watching her come to life. Each layer of clay revealed a new layer of personality & each layer of paint really brought her to life! Needless to say, this little lady has already inspired a couple of other ‘Sculpted Vignettes’ & I already have many sketches littering my workbook of new dolls that *need* to be completed.

Shelby is sculpted from paper clay over various pieces of styrofoam & wooden armature (without the use of any molds) & is secured and sculpted onto a wooden base. She stands 11″ tall & is 7″ wide at the base. She’s been hand-painted in many layers & has a beautiful, aged patina reminiscent of vintage toys. She’s sealed, signed & dated & comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Shelby is available for purchase on the PFATT Marketplace June update. You can click here to purchase! (PFATT Marketplace updates on the 10th of each month at 1 PM EST.) Be sure to check out the awesome works offered by fellow PFATT Marketplace members.