Elsie, a primitive SnowBird.

No one has the heart to tell Elsie she won’t be able to fly.



Little Elsie is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind, original art. I’ve used no patterns or molds to create her or her clothing. Elsie is 11.5" tall while perched in her nest. She is, from hand to hand, 11" wide. Elsie is made of muslin and stuffed with fiberfill. Her bottom was rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to allow her to stand freely. I’ve hand-sculpted Elsie’s head & torso & upper arms from paper clay. She has been hand-painted & sanded top to bottom many, many times. She has been stained, giving her a truly grungy appearance & the look of a well-loved antique. Elsie’s arms are supported with wire.

Elsie’s facial features have been hand-painted. She has a long dark orange nose, more of a bittersweet. She has rosy cheeks which have been lightly dusted with vintage-style glass glitter, pink lips and accented brown eyes. Elsie’s fingers have been needle-sculpted. Elsie has been painted with premium acrylic paints and has been sealed with glossy acrylic sealer.

ElsieSide Elsie sports an apron made from white cotton voile, it has been dyed in a coffee & lavender bud bath. I then hand-washed it & pressed it with linen water. It is tied around Elsie with hemp twine & features hand-stitching along all exposed hems.

Elsie’s wings have been made of pages from a vintage hymnal (Christmas carols), which I decoupaged over card stock. They have been sealed, stained, glittered & attached to Elsie with a blue vintage button & heavy duty button thread. She is so twinkly!

Elsie carries a Valentine banner which reads "My Love". Each letter has been hand-stamped onto taupe card stock using chocolate ink, then threaded with hemp twine. Elsie’s banner is simply tied around her hands & is removable should you want to display her year round.


Elsie will make her eBay debut tonight at 9 PM EST. This will be a seven day auction. She will end Jan. 6th at 9PM. This is the last doll in my 2007 collection. Click here to view or bid!!!