Elliott County’s 2nd annual Minnie Adkins Day


This should be a ton of fun! Visit Little Sandy Lodge on July 18th. Over 60 vendors will be present with a variety of work including folk art, fine art and crafts. Some of the vendors include:

Minnie Adkins

Bonita Skaggs-Parsons

Pam Oldfield Meade

Rebecca Miller Campbell

Ron Gevedon

and many, many others.

In addition, some gallery collectors will be present with past works available for sale. This should be a fantastic event for folk and fine art enthusiasts!

A Day in the Country 2015 (In Pics)


The first weekend in June just might be my favorite time of the year. There is for sure a lot to see & hear if you happen to be in Morehead, Ky. I could tell you how amazing, dynamic and interesting all the art was, how nice it was to see artists explaining their work to enthusiasts and to see collectors acquiring pieces by their favorites, but I think I’ll just let the photos speak for me. If you’re interested in what you see, make plans to attend next year’s Day in the Country at Morehead Conference Center in Morehead, Ky. You won’t be disappointed! (Visit the links below the photo gallery for more information about participating artists.)


A Day in the Country | June 6th | Morehead Conference Center

Anthony Hayes

Billy Keith Solar Art

Bonita Skaggs-Parsons

Bruce New

Guy Purcell

Janice Harding Owens

Jo Neace Krause

Josh Huettig

LaVon Van Williams

Lonnie & Twyla Money

Craig & Madeline Carey

Minnie Adkins

Robbie Mueller

Sandy Hall

Tom & Shelley Steck

Steve Armstrong

Steve Moseley

Tami Booher

Tony Dotson