How About an Impromptu Art Show!

Eeeks! Monday is usually the day for recovery after a full weekend of arting it up! It is also the day for laundry and watering plants and catching up and a host of other things that sometimes get shoved to the back burner when it’s time for an art fair.

This Monday, I was surprised by an email from the director of a well-established and well-known art fair in Indiana. She had seen my artwork at Woodland over the weekend and invited me to be a guest artist at Art in Speed Park, THIS weekend, August 27th and 28th.

Since I hadn’t unpacked a lot of my things, artwork excluded, it was easy to say yes! I feel very grateful to have been invited.

Sooooo, although it wasn’t included in my show line-up. I’m excited to say I’ll be in Sellersburg, Indiana this weekend at Art in Speed Park.

And, although I’m still a little tired from the Woodland Art Fair, I’m excited about this show.

And just like that….my typical recovery M0nday turned into a busy one!

Art in Speed Park is just a few short minutes from Louisville, so if you’re in the area and would like to see all of my little people, in person, in one setting, come out and visit!

The show runs on Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 each day.


Click the banner above for more info!

It’s Time. Let’s head to the Woodland!

This weekend is the well-loved and recognized Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. I am happy to be amongst the 200 artists accepted to this show this year. I’ll have lots of new critters and smiling faces ready to greet you, including mine! If you’ve never seen my work in person, this is a great opportunity to see my pieces up close in a beautiful and charming setting with live music to accompany you while you shop.

I’m space 219. You can find me in the Woodland Art Fair map. Click the image below to enlarge it full size. I’ve marked my spot with a blue heart. Look for the bandstand and pool to find me! I’m near Kentucky Avenue.


AFB Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky.

It’s almost time & I can tell you I’m excited and nervous and a whole bunch of emotions all jumbled up into one. This weekend is the AFB Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. And I’ll be there for the first time ever. I’m so excited to bring my dolls to the Lexington area and show these little girls off.


Since coming home from Berea, I immediately began working a new batch of sweetness. So…even if you saw my dolls at the Berea Craft Festival, you can expect to see two new whole cloth dolls, which are numbered and named, five new sculpted vignettes, a whole slew of new Little Critters, new ornaments and a batch of new brooches! I’m putting the finishing details on my new works and will be getting them prepped for their travel to Lexington this weekend.

From what I’ve seen online, this show looks fantastic. I can’t wait to get there and hope I have a little time to walk around, take pics and take in all the artwork.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, come on out and visit us!

You can find out more information at the AFB Woodland Art Fair website.

A list of artists who will be participating (and a preview of their artwork) can be found here.

And if you want to know where I’ll be, here is a map of the Woodland Art Fair layout. I’m booth 219 and will be located behind the bandstand. Look for me on the top left corner of the map! Hope to see you there.