Scenes From the Workroom

For the last few weeks, my workroom has been buzzing with activity as I prepare for the Berea Craft Festival coming up in July. It’s a good thing I tend to work well under pressure! Here are a few scenes from my very busy workroom. These aren’t beautiful shots of a clean workspace; they’re photos of a real working home studio which sees use every single day.

My To-Do List–it keeps me on track.

My Work Table — several projects in various stage of completion.

Please give me a face.”

Swirls of paint on an old plate–just peel the paint off & wash!

Fabric selection! One of my favorite parts of the doll-making process.

Legs hanging to dry.

This is a sneak peek of two of the dolls you will see at the Berea Craft Festival July 8-10. I’m working on a series of these painted ladies with quilt blocks as a central theme. They’re beautiful in person & the blocks are based upon typical quilt blocks found in many quilts made in Appalachia & other areas.

I hope you’ll come see the whole collection! I’ll have many new dolls to offer during the festival. If you’re interested in making the show, please visit for more information. The festival will feature 120 artists from 20 states exhibiting hand-made art & crafts.