New Artwork on Etsy!

I’ll be adding several new pieces of artwork to my Etsy shop over the next few days (40+!) Please be patient & check my Etsy shop often as I add new items. If you recently attended the Berea Craft Festival & are looking for a specific item, please feel free to contact me & I’ll make sure to move it to the top of the list or will be delighted to sell it to you directly through Paypal.

Here are a few of the items recently added to my Etsy shop. More art will be added daily!

How ’bout some wearable art?!?


Alice, Rabbit, Little Red, Wolfie


Who says art has to stay on a wall or on a shelf? I’m so excited to be able to offer you my very first pieces of wearable art. (Available here!) If you’re an Alice in Wonderland, Little Red or Pug fan, I’m sure you’d be super happy to wear these little guys on your lapel, purse or backpack.

Each brooch is an OOAK piece of artwork. They have been made of muslin, stuffed with fiberfill & hand-painted, sanded & stained for a lovely, aged patina. Each brooch has been sealed with matte sealer with UV filter to ensure longevity. A brooch back has been carefully sewn to each piece with embroidery thread. The brooch back has been sewn securely, but please be careful when attaching & removing these pins as they are delicate.

Each brooch comes with its very own keepsake box which has been primed, painted, crackled & aged. They’ll be a lovely resting place for your wearable dolls!

I’ve initialed each brooch & will sign & date the bottom of each keepsake box as well.

Each brooch is being sold separately.


These girlies are Pugalicious!





Here’s how they look attached to my very cool Morelle purse. (Purchased on Etsy!)


AlicePurse   LRPurse

(Click pictures to view full size.)



Each brooch is $45.00 plus $4.80 shipping. Click here to purchase.


Ollie, a Childlike Pug w/ Balloon & Teddy Bear


This little chickadee is Ollie. Ollie 12″ tall from ear to toe (14″ including balloon). She has been made of muslin, stuffed with fiberfill & hand-painted & sanded many times giving her such a lovely, aged patina. Ollie has been sealed with a combination of sealers so that she can be lightly dusted after display. Her lower torso is weighted allowing her to sit nicely. Ollie’s left arm is button jointed, allowing her to hold her sweet 3″ teddy. Her neck is supported with wire armature.

OllieFace OllieTorso OllieProfile

Ollie has been painted with a variety of media. Her muzzle has been attached separately giving her the perfect pug profile. Her ears have been attached separately as well. Ollie’s tiny paws have been hand-sculpted by hand. She wears brown painted gloves & brown boots with tan socks & light tan laces.

OllieBoots OllieBalloon OllieFabric

Ollie’s apron dress has been constructed from the cutest 100% cotton print in shades of red, cream & pink. Her blouse has been constructed from white muslin. It features hand-gathered sleeves, stitching along the back & neckline and tiny buttons down the front. Ollie’s hem features hand-stitching.

OllieProfile OllieSide OllieBack

Little girls love balloons & this little one is no exception. Ollie’s balloon has been made from muslin, painted, sanded & aged. It is attached to rusty wire which was then wrapped around Ollie’s arm. The wire extends adding gentle support & allowing Ollie’s balloon to remain upright.

Ollie’s little buddy is constructed of muslin. He has been hand-painted, sanded & aged & sealed.

Ollie is currently available in my Etsy shop.

Jack – A Primitive Fawn Pug in his Super Cool Wingtips.

JackHeadToToe This cute fellow is Jack. Jack is my original design & has been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill . He measures 11″ tall from head to toe. He’s been painted & sanded a couple of times, giving him a lovely, aged patina. He’s been sealed with a combination of glossy & matte sealers so that he may be lightly dusted after display. Jack has a slight sheen.

Jack can sit with assistance & has a hemp loop attached to his back for hanging. His knees have been sewn through, making him a perfect shelf sitter.

Jack’s ears & muzzle have been attached separately by hand. His muzzle sticks out approximately .25″, giving him a great pug profile.

Jack’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. He’s sports brown painted gloves. He also sports retro, two-toned oxfords with brown socks.

JackFace JackHand JackShoes

Jack’s shirt has been constructed from taupe osnaburg. It features a hand-stitched neckline & hand-gathered sleeves. It also features 3 vintage, mother of pearl buttons. His chocolate corduroy bibs feature hand-stitched hems & a hand-gathered waist. His bib straps have been attached with grey embroidery thread.



Jack & Trixie (available separately).


Jack will be available on eBay tonight at 9:15 PM EST. He will end Dec. 21 at 9 PM EST. Click here to view or bid!