A Day in the Country 2015 (In Pics)


The first weekend in June just might be my favorite time of the year. There is for sure a lot to see & hear if you happen to be in Morehead, Ky. I could tell you how amazing, dynamic and interesting all the art was, how nice it was to see artists explaining their work to enthusiasts and to see collectors acquiring pieces by their favorites, but I think I’ll just let the photos speak for me. If you’re interested in what you see, make plans to attend next year’s Day in the Country at Morehead Conference Center in Morehead, Ky. You won’t be disappointed! (Visit the links below the photo gallery for more information about participating artists.)


A Day in the Country | June 6th | Morehead Conference Center

Anthony Hayes

Billy Keith Solar Art

Bonita Skaggs-Parsons

Bruce New

Guy Purcell

Janice Harding Owens

Jo Neace Krause

Josh Huettig

LaVon Van Williams

Lonnie & Twyla Money

Craig & Madeline Carey

Minnie Adkins

Robbie Mueller

Sandy Hall

Tom & Shelley Steck

Steve Armstrong

Steve Moseley

Tami Booher

Tony Dotson

A Day in the Country | 2015

This time next week, I’ll be toting my creations to Morehead, Ky and setting up my space for the 2015 Day in the Country at Morehead Conference Center. This is my 2nd year participating in the event which was originally conceived of and put forth by well-known folk artists, Minnie and Garland Adkins. Eventually A Day in the Country, held at the couple’s home on Happy Gizzard Hollow, became so well attended Minnie asked the Kentucky Folk Art Center to manage it. In recent years, the Morehead Conference Center has become the home of A Day in the Country. It is Kentucky’s premiere folk art fair and brings together more than 50 folk artists from around the state. I am honored to have my name listed as a participant and to have my work offered at this event. As a lover of folk art, it is truly special to me.

AND…this was the show I couldn’t get out of my head last year. I think I talked about it all year long to anyone who would listen. The quality of the artwork was astounding and mesmerizing and all those descriptive terms you try to think of when looking at really moving works of art. If I had to recommend one show to the truly passionate (folk) art collector, this is the one! I say (folk) art collector — because even if you’re primarily a fan of fine art, the pieces that can be found at A Day in the Country, just might broaden your idea of folk art. And if you already love the grit of folk art, you’ll love this show. PLUS—there’s so much more that will be happening that day! You’ll have the opportunity to bid on pieces of artwork donated by the participating artists (including moi!) during a silent auction and during a live auction. All proceeds benefit the Kentucky Folk Art Center. Trust me, this is an amazing opportunity to pick up some artwork at sometimes a steal and feel good about supporting a center committed to representing local self-taught artists. There will be music, food and an outdoor craft market in addition to a private area for collectors to sell or swap pieces from their current collections! In addition, June 6th will be the first day of the Kentucky Folk Art Center Museum’s summer exhibition titled, “Come We to the Summer”. I am happy to announce that I will have a piece in this exhibit and that this is the very first time my work will be exhibited in a gallery show in Kentucky. Make sure to check out the Event Schedule below for more details about the happenings going on in Morehead on the 6th! I guarantee it will be a fun day!

See photos from A Day in the Country 2014.






A Day in the Country

I’m excited to be participating in A Day in the Country Folk Art Fair for my first time this year. A Day in the Country was founded by Minnie Adkins and her husband, Garland, in the 1980’s. They invited folk artists and folk art enthusiasts to their property in “Happy Gizzard Hollow” to celebrate, socialize, talk about and purchase folk art. Now under the direction of the Kentucky Folk Art Center, more than 50 artists will bring their work to the Morehead Conference Center on June 7th. I am delighted and humbled to be included and to be participating in Kentucky’s original Folk Art Fair.

Below are the artists who will have their work for sale in the Morehead Conference Center. In addition, there will also be a craft fair outside the conference center, sponsored by Downtown Morehead, Inc.

  • Studio Works
  • Guy & Janet Purcell
  • William E. Keith Jr.
  • Brent Collinsworth
  • Bill Barker
  • Minnie Adkins
  • Greg Adkins
  • Jo Neace Krause
  • Glen & Merline Maynard
  • Joshua Huettig
  • Janice Miller
  • Charles Spellmann
  • Earl & Barbara Gray
  • Eileen Stockham
  • Bebo
  • Craig & Madeline Carey
  • Nancy Gillum
  • Thaddeus Pinkney
  • Maryanne Boylan
  • Jo Ann Butts
  • Erick Dobson
  • Terry Ratliff
  • Robbie Mueller
  • Elsa Salyers
  • Bonita Skaggs-Parsons
  • Joyce Skaggs
  • Steve Armstrong
  • Levent Isik
  • Tom & Shelley Steck
  • Tony Dotson
  • Chole Viening Butler
  • Paul Phelps
  • Rebecca Miller Campbell
  • Bruce New
  • Connie Lewis
  • Larry Hackley
  • Tim Lewis
  • Ben Mansur
  • LaVon Van Williams
  • Janice Harding Owens
  • Tami Booher
  • Lonnie & Twyla Money

2014 Show and Festival Dates

My 2014 calendar has now been updated with my show and festival dates for 2014. I have been accepted to a couple new shows this year. The first show coming up is A Day in the Country at the MSU Conference Center in Morehead, Ky. This will be my first time there and I’m super excited to share my work with all the visitors at A Day in the Country. I’m really excited to look at all the other art too! There will be so much talent within the conference center that day. If you’re a fan of folk art, this is the show for you.

I am also happy to announce that I will be participating in the AFB Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. This is a big art fair & I’m really excited to have been accepted this year. I’m excited to show my work to the Lexington area.

Visit my Calendar to see the latest list of shows and view some photos of past exhibitions. One thing is for sure, if you’ve never seen my work in person and have been on the fence about purchasing art, a show is a great opportunity to look, feel and really see the quality of my pieces. I’ve heard so often that my art is so much better in person and I have to admit, it’s hard to capture all the detail with a photo. AND it’s so inspiring to see the arts/crafts and meet the artisans who make each piece with such love and devotion to their work. Craft shows and art fairs are just plain fun!