More Barns from the Kentucky Quilt Trail

Below are more barns from the US 460 Portion of the Kentucky Quilt Trail.

The Twinkling Star:


Maple Leaf – Early Fall:



Swamp Valley Museum Quilt Square in Frenchburg, KY:


Quilt squares in Frenchburg:



Click here to read my original post which includes some of this project’s history & purpose & of course, more quilt squares for viewing.


  1. Tootie says:

    These are so cool. There’s a guy in Ohio who goes around painting quilt blocks on barns. I want to do it to my dad’s barn so bad but I’m afraid of heights!

  2. Sonny says:

    Tootie – these are usually painted on 4 4’x4′ pieces of plywood and reassembled on the barn. You then con some guys (hubby, brothers, sons, etc!) into going up the ladder to place on the barn and you supervise from the ground!

  3. P. Dunn says:

    We use MDO sign board from Home Depot (or similar type store) instead of plywood. Lasts longer as moisture doesn’t get in between the layers to cause it to split or splinter with age. Easier to prime, too (in my opinion). Good luck

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