Dawn, a Primitive Cabbage Rose

Dawn #144 Available Here


Can you tell that my seed & plant catalogs have inspired me? This lovely rose is Dawn. Dawn is 17″ from top to bottom. She has been made of muslin & is stuffed with fiberfill. Her lower torso has been rag-stuffed & is lightly weighted so that she may stand nicely. Dawn has been made in the style of a stump doll. She has no legs.


Dawn has been hand-painted & sanded a couple of times, giving her a lovely, aged patina. She’s been sealed so that she may be lightly dusted after display.

Dawn’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her nose & bottom lip have been needle-sculpted by hand, giving her face a great bit of dimension & a beautiful little pout. She has needle-sculpted leaf hands as well.  Each lovely petal surrounding Dawn’s face has been individually sewn & cut. They are turned so that each edge has a nice smooth finish. They have been individually hand-sewn to Dawn’s head.

DawnFabric DawnHand

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This beautiful taupe/grey print is 100% cotton. The hem is hand-stitched. Dawn’s blouse is sewn from white muslin & features hand-stitching at the neckline, sleeves & back.


Three leaves surround Dawn’s petals & are slightly visible from the front!

DawnHeadBack DawnBack


Dawn is available for sale here.


  1. Jo James says:

    Pure gorgeousness!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks, Jo!

  3. ROBIN says:

    soooooooo cute Becky!! how is your house! i bet gorgeous.. you probably didn’t see my post in pwgl, but your decor inspired me to redo my house, hoping to get started soon! xxoo..robin

  4. Mica says:

    her leafy hands are cleverly done. great idea!

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