Abra….a Witchy Bust Doll Now on eBay.

This little magical lady is now listed on eBay. Yep, her name is Abra…(not Abracadabra, just Abra…you wouldn’t want to cast a spell every time you say her name now would you?!) She’s a new style of doll for me. I’ve been tossing the idea of creating a ‘bust’ style doll back & forth for a while now. Her torso is completely fabric…no paint, while her head is my typical needle-sculpted, hand-painted style of doll head. She features my signature needle-sculpted nose & lip & has such a beautiful, warm vintage patina.

Abra’s torso is rag-stuffed & lightly weighted so that she ‘stands’ nicely & evenly. The rag-stuffing gives her such an old-timey feel. She wears a little tulle collar & flaunts vintage black buttons along her torso. Her witch hat will be pinned in place with corsage pins. The brim is wired so that it may be posed any way you like.

Abra’s cute little red pigtails are 100% mohair. They’ve been needle-felted in place.

Abra has been listed on eBay. She ends Sunday Aug. 28th at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid on this little lady! Just don’t blame me when the magic starts flying!

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