Woodland Art Fair 2016 Y’all!

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Woodland Art Fair Info, Driving Directions, Parking Info and Shuttle Service Info

It’s almost time and I’ve been working my fingers to the nubs getting ready for the 41st Woodland Art Fair in Lexington, Ky. 41st! Anything that’s stuck around for 41 years has to be good, right? Well Woodland Art Fair is definitely good. Located within the grounds of the Woodland Park in Lexington, Woodland Art Fair includes around 200 participants from Kentucky and beyond. You can bet that some of the best working artists from the central Kentucky region are represented at this fair. In addition, the music, the setting, the food choices….it all makes for a great show! I’m always excited to get the notification that I’ve been accepted. This is easily one of my favorite art shows in Kentucky.

If you’ve visited me in past years, I’ll be in my usual spot, booth 219 near the Gazebo which serves as a bandstand during this event. (So follow the music!) I’m also by the pool area, so if you see that, you’ll know that I’m nearby! I like to give my location and possibly stay in my location, if I can, because Woodland Art Fair is huge! As always, look for my very colorful pennant banner on the front of my tent. It’s a nice way to separate myself in a sea of white tents filled with wonderful works of art.

Hope to see you there!

Shuttle Service Info if you’ll be attending Woodland Art Fair

Because parking later in the day can be an issue, three shuttles (including one wheelchair- accessible) will be circulating every 10 minutes. Park in the LEXTRAN Transit Center parking garage (enter from E. High Street near the Lexington Ave. and MLK Blvd. intersections), the Phoenix Parking Lot and the Lexington Herald Leader front parking lot to catch a shuttle.


Thank You!

I would love to extend a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who stopped by my booth at the Berea Craft Festival this past weekend in Berea, Kentucky. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year! I speak a lot about the charm of the historic Indian Fort Theater and the creative, inspiring vibe that can be felt during the festival but until you experience it for yourself it’s hard to really explain. The truth is…this experience is carefully curated by a bunch of hard-working people and has been for 35 years. Firstly, the the organizers of the Berea Craft Festival carefully choose interesting, dynamic artists and crafters for this show. There’s no doubt about the quality of the things you’ll find at the fair! Secondly, each artist puts so much effort into creating a fantastic shopping experience for the buyers. This woodland marketplace is outstanding. Couple that with strolling musicians, delicious food, kids crafts and demonstrations that will spark your imagination and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get the itch to create yourself!

I really enjoyed getting to meet so many different people, having the opportunity to talk about my work and share a little about my process and how I taught myself to make these little people. An extra special Thank You to everyone who purchased a little something to take home with you or to tuck under the tree for a loved one this Christmas. It makes my heart swell to know that a little piece of me will live on in your home and through your family traditions! Thanks so much!

(My space on Friday morning right before the gates opened! Exciting!)

(I wish I had more pictures to share of this amazing event, but sometimes the downside of being a participant is that I don’t have to time to walk around snapping photos of all the things I really love. Make plans to attend next year to experience this for yourself. The Berea Craft Festival is always the second weekend in July!)

Berea Craft Festival 2016

Coming Soon!



Click the image above for more information including driving directions. Join over 100 crafters from all over the US for the opportunity to purchase wonderfully made arts and crafts directly from the artist. This show is considered one of the best art & craft shows in the nation. In addition to the eclectic and varied works of art, enjoy great food, live music from multiple roaming acts and demonstrations in the picturesque forest of Indian Fort Theater. Even on hot days, it’s a great place to be! Dogs on leashes are welcomed.

See ya there!



And so this happened…

Earlier this year when I attended Kentucky Crafted: The Market, two kind gentlemen introduced themselves to me and asked me to talk about my art a little bit. Over the years, I have become comfortable engaging the folks who come into my booth and I am actually delighted to talk about my love of making my work. For a person who works from home, it can be quite fun to have people peek into your little world.

As it turns out, these fellows, Bob Shrader and Matt Hilton produce a show which airs on KET (Kentucky Educational Network), locally, and RFD-TV, nationally. It is called Bluegrass and Backroads. When Bob and Matt asked if I would be interested in having them come to my studio to film a segment, I shuddered on the inside. While flattered by the offer, on-camera interviews terrify me. Something just happens when fancy lights come on and red buttons flash. It’s not a good look for me, my mind goes blank. I asked if I could think about it. I knew it would be so stupid to turn them down but the thought of doing it made me die a little on the inside. They took my information and a business card. As soon as they left the booth, my husband looked at me like I was crazy, then said, “You have to do it. You know you have to do it.” Always the voice of reason, (and…I knew I had to do it), I chased Bob & Matt down, gave them the thumbs up, told them I was in and tried to choke down the nerves.

Last Thursday, Bob and Matt came to my home studio to interview me and watch me work on my art. Of course, as soon as the lights came on, I got really nervous. The kind of nervous that makes your voice shaky and crack a little. The kind of nervous that makes you forget all about the things you should have said or the cool things you could have told. But after talking to them a while, things evened out & I think they got a good interview. PLUS, they’ll edit it all down to about six of my best minutes. I think I did six good minutes at least! And thankfully, Matt took pictures throughout the day. I’m happy to have them to document this occasion! And I’m happy I chased them down and said yes!

Sometimes you have to do things outside of your comfort zone.

And so, the day before Bluegrass & Backroads showed up in West Liberty to film, I erased the Prince quote from my porch chalkboard and changed it to this. For Me. For you if you need it.



“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin

Pics from the filming! Thanks so much to Matt Hilton for taking these.








Bluegrass & Backroads, presented by Kentucky Farm Bureau, will air in the fall. Check back for an announcement for the specific air date.