Kentucky Crafted Sneak Peek!











To see more sneak peeks from my fellow Kentucky Crafted artists and crafters search #kycrafted on social media! Visit this page to learn more about the event, purchase tickets in advance or register as a buyer for Friday’s wholesale/trade day.

Woodland Santa and his sweet Companions

This is my newest holiday Santa and I have to tell you I am smitten with him! I love the sweet company he keeps but my favorite thing about him is his color palette. Some special details about this guy: he’s big! Santa measures 19.5″ tall. His deer measure 10.5 inches tall (excluding antlers) and are 9.5 inches wide from nose to tail. I’ve used real deer antler buttons on his under robe! These were hand-crafted from a fellow artist her in Kentucky. I met him at the Minnie Adkins Day show I did back in July and as soon as I saw these buttons I knew I would use them on a Santa. This felt like the right Santa. It adds to the charm of this woodland fellow! Santa’s sweet annie garland that he holds in his hands also contains two small bird feathers. I think these add such a nice touch to the woodland theme. But it’s also a small detail that you might not even notice right away. The wool used for Santa’s beard and hair is my favorite type of wool! I think it’s just so soft and appealing. It adds such a nice, old world touch to this charming fellow.

Please enjoy the many photos I took of Woodland Santa #248!
















Woodland Santa is currently available in my Etsy shop.

Inspired By Sweetness Just Outside my Door.

Sometimes you find that inspiration is staring you in the face.



Every morning this is the face I am greeted to when I walk into my kitchen, wiping sleepiness from my eyes. This little face peers through the back kitchen door and as soon as she spots me she begins meowing sharply. Food. She wants food. When does she want it? NOW!

And so I feed her and sneak a pet while her head dips into the food bowl.

It wasn’t always like this.

Around this time last year, this little lady showed up in our neighborhood. From where she came is a mystery. I just noticed her one day outside my studio window, perched atop an old table on my porch used for holding ferns and pretty flowers on my porch. It’s typical to see wandering cats in on our street. Like most places, there is an abundance of homeless critters or perhaps critters with homes who sometimes wander the streets.

Before long this little feral lady had a batch full of kittens. I found them in June nestled under my azaleas and promptly took them to my porch for protection. Little Mama did not like that however and soon moved her kittens. I felt bad for trying to intervene….my intention was to tame the kittens and find them homes. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it.

But, this little lady has stuck around the neighborhood winning hearts and earning tasty nibbles with her sweet, delicate face. This past year has been a time of getting her healthy, getting her comfortable with the human voice & touch. Yesterday, I watched her come to my husband for petting and soak it up. She’s still a little standoffish at times but we can sneak in neck scratches when she’s eating and she’ll come really close to me for treats. There has been a lot of sitting with her while she eats this past year. I think this spring will be great for her! And I think little by little she will learn to trust although I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to pick her up and cuddle.

Although this little lady doesn’t have an official name yet & is still a neighborhood cat as I suspect she visits lots of us regularly, she is the inspiration behind my doll for this month’s PFATT Marketplace.

I’ve named my doll Mittsy, but I suspect our feral gal would think that’s too cutesy.







Mittsy is available on PFATT Marketplace today at 1 PM EST. Click here to purchase.

See Ya on the Farm!

I love designing new dolls. I love drawing the idea on paper, making the pattern. My most favorite part of the design process though–is seeing my idea actually come to life. I know a design is a success if the outcome is even cuter than I could have imagined. I feel like these four new Little Critter designs, inspired by all things farm, are better than I could have imagined (Yes, I know…a crow isn’t really a farm animal..but, I’ve never known a farmer who didn’t battle crows or seen a farm absent of them.)

These little guys are available for the month of February on PFATT Marketplace.  Take a look and while you’re there, check out the rest of the art created by small business owners like me.

Here are some close ups of my new designs. Let me know what you think!














These little fellas are currently available on PFATT Marketplace for $40.00 per + $5.00 for shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Click here to purchase and if you are a regular customer of mine & don’t do Paypal, email me for details. Thanks so much for looking at my latest work!