Jingle Bell Jubilee

The 2nd annual Jingle Bell Jubilee is now open! Lots of Christmas sweetness to be had in a variety of prices. Let these little guys (and girls) add a touch of homemade to your holiday decor. Free shipping to US residents. Discounted shipping to international customers. Here are a few of the beauties you’ll find partying it up on my For sale page right now.

Happy Shopping! Let the Christmas decorating begin!

Scenes from my workspace.

There’s been a lot going on the past few weeks. My studio (and tabletop) looks like a tornado full of art supplies & doll parts¬† has stormed through it. I’ve been playing around with paperclay & papermache cones & have these little guys to show for it. Almost done!

There are doll parts strewn here & there, waiting for buttons, clothes & finishing details.

And there are new bodies waiting for extra coats of paint & then all the details!

Extra workspace means I get to have several projects going on at once. It helps me work better, but I’ve found that there isn’t such a sense of completion. I do, however, love working on these Christmas dollies. It’s a little weird when I’m thinking about snowmen & santas–then I open the door& a burst of steamy heat hits me in the face. But, I almost feel like a kid, anticipating the greatest of holidays. I like being in touch with my inner child!

Works in Progress!

Elf Reindeer -- Works in Progress

Even though it’s hot outside, it’s Christmastime in the studio. Today is all about reindeer, elves, sweet teddies & the jolliest elf of them all. These are just a couple of my works in progress today. Enjoy the sneak peek!