Woodland Santa and his sweet Companions

This is my newest holiday Santa and I have to tell you I am smitten with him! I love the sweet company he keeps but my favorite thing about him is his color palette. Some special details about this guy: he’s big! Santa measures 19.5″ tall. His deer measure 10.5 inches tall (excluding antlers) and are 9.5 inches wide from nose to tail. I’ve used real deer antler buttons on his under robe! These were hand-crafted from a fellow artist her in Kentucky. I met him at the Minnie Adkins Day show I did back in July and as soon as I saw these buttons I knew I would use them on a Santa. This felt like the right Santa. It adds to the charm of this woodland fellow! Santa’s sweet annie garland that he holds in his hands also contains two small bird feathers. I think these add such a nice touch to the woodland theme. But it’s also a small detail that you might not even notice right away. The wool used for Santa’s beard and hair is my favorite type of wool! I think it’s just so soft and appealing. It adds such a nice, old world touch to this charming fellow.

Please enjoy the many photos I took of Woodland Santa #248!
















Woodland Santa is currently available in my Etsy shop.

A Santa Army.

You don’t want to mess with Santa. No, really, you don’t. Don’t let those rosy cheeks and kind eyes fool you. He has an army on his side– a whole slew of Christmas characters and woodland creatures who have his back. It could get messy…and glittery. It’s best to just be nice to the man in red and his cohorts.

Here’s a whole batch of Santas and some of his best buds. They’re my last Christmas dolls for 2013 and they’ve made their way to my Etsy shop. (Click the photo below to be taken directly to my etsy shop.)

Here are some photos of this rowdy bunch!

Thanks for looking! I hope these little guys have made you smile! Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

Woodland Inspired Critters…

A whole new batch of woodland inspired critters have packed their bags and traveled from my work shop all the way to the Appalachian Fireside Gallery in Berea, Kentucky. (Ok…so they had a liitttttllleee help from Fed Ex!)

These little fellows will add the perfect touch to your Christmas decor or your authentic Folk Art collection. Each item is one of a kind, made with love and attention to detail. AND you can feel great about purchasing any item from the Appalachian Fireside Gallery…they purchase directly from artists both locally and nation-wide.

Visit the gallery at 127 Main Street, Berea, Ky. And if you want to stay in contact with the shop, see some of the newest items and displays…”like” the Appalachian Fireside Gallery facebook page.

Christmas Inspiration

Every year, I dream of putting our Christmas decorations out the first week of November…of getting our house Christmas ready & winter cozy, washing curtains & slaying dust bunnies so that by Thanksgiving, the bulk of the work is done, our home is mostly decorated & all that is left, is our annual tradition of purchasing & putting up our live tree the day after Thanksgiving.

I always dream of this. But it never, ever happens.

Right now, there are ornament boxes scattered, totes full of silver balls waiting to be packed down, garland to be strung, cleaning to be done & dolls to be made.

But next year, I WILL have everything done the first week of November. You believe me, don’t you?

If you’re like me & are still decorating your home for the holidays….here are some of my favorite images to inspire. I come back to these again & again because they make me want to create the perfect country Christmas.

Enjoy! I hope you find them inspiring.

(Most of the above images are from Country Living magazine or Better Home & Gardens.)