Hey There Little Red: a Story Box for the Little Girl inside us All.



SBBoxEmpty I had so much fun working on this creation. It has truly been a labor of love & I’m delighted with how it turned out. Pictures really do not do this piece justice! I’ve included a ton so you can get a good idea of every aspect of this piece. This is a one of a kind Story Box which measures 18″ x 12″ x 6″. The box is a vintage Pepsi crate which I painted taupe & white & crackled. The inside is decoupaged with several layers of vintage & reproduction text. Upon that I’ve painted a forest background with acrylics. There are little trees around every corner.

Little Red & Wolfie measure just 9″ tall. They are my first minis. They have 3D heads, needle sculpted noses & Little Red’s bottom lip pouts just like my larger dolls. Both dolls have needle-sculpted fingers and have been hand-painted & sanded many times, giving them deeply aged patinas. They’ve been sealed top to bottom with a combination of sealers. Little Red’s hair is 100% brown mohair which has been needle-felted to her head.

SBLRFace SBLRProfile SBLRShoes

There are so many details to be found on these dolls. Little Red sports golden gloves & socks & sweet brown boots with red laces while Wolfie sports the coolest white & brown wing tips, complete with golden socks. Wolfie also wears a corduroy newsboy cap (with matching corduroy lining) & polka dot suspenders.

SBWolf SBWolfeProfile SBWolfShoes

Little red wears a velveteen cape lined with taupe osnaburg, a white muslin blouse featuring yellow seed beads and a skirt consisting of two super cute 100% cotton prints. This skirt & Little Red’s clothing as well as Wolfie’s, features tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been finished & hand-stitched.

 SBCookies SBLetters SBCurtains
Little Red also has, at her feet, a small basket filled with goodies. This basket has been entirely handmade by me of hemp twine, decoupage medium, rusty wire & thread. I fashioned the cookies inside out of paperclay, then painted them & dusted them with ‘sugar’ (real German glass glitter).

This story box has the prettiest curtains made from 100% cotton Moda fabric. They are tied back with chocolate ribbon but can easily be let down. Vintage buttons (many, mother of pearl) have been hand-sewn along the bottom to gently weight the curtains. They are finished with hand-stitching. “Hey There Little Red” has been stamped onto taupe cardstock & strung to the top of the box with hemp twine. Little Red & Wolfie hang gently from the top of this box with the aid of invisible filament & screw hooks. They also have hemp loops sewn on their backs so they can be hung outside of the box & are jointed at the hips & knees, allowing them to be posed in many positions.

Here’s a fun little detail about this piece:


Some of the vintage paper I used came from an old book titled Diary of a Birthday Doll. As I was layering the paper I noticed the name Ellis. Ellis is my Dad’s name & was his Dad’s name. I thought it was a nice, personal touch so I put that piece of text front & center.

“Hey There Little Red” will be available on eBay Aug. 3rd at 9:15 PM EST & will end Aug. 10th at 9:15 PM EST. Click here if you’d like to view or possibly make this little set yours.


  1. Jane says:

    OH Becky! I can’t believe how fabulous this is! I mean that…you know it! Holy Moly, you have really outdone yourself this time!!

  2. Jo James says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I’m in love!
    I love all kinds of Little Reds. Yours is one of the best I’ve seen.

  3. Christine says:

    This is so incredible!!! The detail are amazing and I love the wolf! I have mad a few shadow boxes using paper dolls but never 3D dolls..this is the best I have seen:)

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Christine, Jane & Jo! That little wolf has been such a delight around the house this week… I sort of hate to ship this duo off. It’s been fun peering in & saying hello every now & then.


  5. Tootie says:

    How awesome is this?????!!!!! I’m astounded by your limitless talent!

  6. Elise says:

    I am living out my fantasy of playing with dolls again. I started with paper dolls cut from catalog’s because my mother said that is what she did during the depression. I tell every one I lived through the depression vicariously through my Mother. Then I moved to Barbie’s. Enter Middle school and “I would not be caught dead”. Dressed my daughter who hated frills and pink (very sad, but her athletic ability on pole vault got her a scholarship to a Division 1 University). Now I’m retired and buying dolls. Life comes full circle. But I only buy the best. Like Becky’s “Hey There Little Red”
    Hey there Becky- I love all your creations!

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