Little Miss Penelope

Introducing Little Miss Penelope. She is 1/2 of a 2 doll set.

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Penelope is such a sweet little wonder. She’s super ready for trick-or-treating & she has one goal: CANDY!

Penelope is my original design. She is 30" tall & made of muslin. I’ve stuffed Penelope with fiberfill. Her lower torso is rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to weight her little bottom. Penelope has been painted from head to toe. I then sanded her, painted her from head to toe again & sanded her again. I treated Penelope to a series of paint washes that make her look oh so vintage & maybe, just maybe, like a dollie some little girl loved so very long ago.

Penelope’s facial features (nose & bottom lip) have been needle sculpted & hand-painted. Her little bottom lip pouts. Her upper lip is simply painted. She has the rosiest cheeks & detailed eyebrows. Penelope’s features have been painted with premium acrylic paints & have been accented & shaded with oil pastels. Penelope has been sealed top to bottom with clear, glossy acrylic sealer so that she may be preserved beautifully over the years & kept a lifetime. Penelope’s gloved fingers have been needle-sculpted. She sports painted white gloves.

  Balloon350 Hand350 ShoesBanner350

Penelope is also sporting some of the coolest vintage wingtips! Maybe she found them in her dad’s closet when constructing this costume. She has painted on laces & even hand-painted tread on the bottom of her shoes. Penelope is wearing white painted socks. Penelope is wearing a white muslin undershirt with a fluffy white voile collar. Penelope’s little bib skirt is made of vintage pink striped fabric & white muslin. I’ve dyed Penelope’s clothes in a coffee, lavender bud & vanilla bath. They do not smell however. I simply dyed them in those substances to obtain the proper color. I then hand-washed all her clothes after achieving the hue I sought. Penelope’s bibs are fastened in the front with two brown, vintage buttons.


Penelope has the coolest balloon! It was made from muslin, stuffed, painted, sanded, painted & sanded, then attached to a wire. The wire is wrapped & stitched securely to Penelope’s wrist. Her balloon has been stained & sealed with clear glossy acrylic sealer.

Penelope holds a banner that shows she means business. Candy, candy candy. That’s what this little girl wants. Penelope’s banner was made from a set of vintage stamps I acquired some time ago. Each letter is stamped onto taupe card stock with black ink.

Penelope’s hair is 100% raw wool. It has been lightly glued for extra stability & then carefully needle felted to her head. Her pigtails are fastened with little chocolate ribbons.


  1. Danita says:

    My favorite!

  2. Jacklyn Carney says:

    I love her, she is stunning…..


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