Rosalie, a Primitive Girl in Pale Green.

I’m so happy to introduce to you, Rosalie. She is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind art! Rosalie is 20″ tall. She has been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Rosalie has been hand-painted & sanded, top to bottom many, many times. She has been treated to a series of paint washes, giving her a rich, deeply-aged patina. She has a hemp loop attached to her back making her suitable for wall display or she can sit upright when propped. Her knees are jointed.

Sweet Rosalie’s face has been needle-sculpted by hand and hand-painted. Her bottom lip ‘pouts’ while her top lip is simply painted. She has been painted with various mediums & has been sealed top to bottom with a combination of glossy & matte acrylic sealer so that she may be lightly dusted after display & kept a lifetime.

Rosalie’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She sports buttery, yellow painted gloves & painted brown boots with buttery, yellow socks. Her boots are highly detailed right down to the laces!

 RosaProfile RosaHand RosaBoots

Rosa’s underskirt is a 100% cotton page green floral print. Her over skirt is nubby taupe osnaburg which has such a fabulous texture. Rosalie’s blouse is made of white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & taupe beads. Both the dress & blouse feature tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been hand-stitched (dress, sleeves, collar), as well as the back of the blouse.

RosaBodice RosaStitching RosaRose

Rosa carries a sweet paper rose posy. It has been wrapped in chartreuse satin ribbon & finished off with a hemp bow. It is fastened to Rosalie’s hand with two hemp loops. She can be posed without it.

Rosalie’s hair is black 100% mohair. I’ve lightly glued, then carefully needle-felted it to her head. Her hair is parted & styled into two side buns & twists.

Rosalie will be available on Ebay Sunday May 25th beginning at 9:15 PM EST. She will end Sunday evening, June 1st at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid on this pretty little lady!!


  1. krissy says:

    Just wonderful. Her gloves are so dainty and feminine! Well done!

  2. Christine says:

    She is beautiful! I love the subtlety in the colors of white you use:) What is the Art in Bloom event you mentioned?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you both. I loved making this little girl.

    I belong to an eBay group called ‘The Prim and Whimsy Girls’. We decided to do an art challenge June 1st-7th titled ‘Art in Bloom’. All of our pieces will have a ‘floral’ theme or be somehow connected to our challenge theme.

    To find the items of all the participants you simply search for PWGL FLOWER in your eBay search bar & our ‘blooming’ creations will pop up.

    I’m so excited to see what everyone will make.


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