Henny, a primitive Hummingbird in shades of Green

HennyHeadtoToe This little hummingbird is Henny. She is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind art! Henny is 21″ tall with a wingspan of 12″. She has been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Henny has been hand-painted & sanded, top to bottom many, many times. She has been treated to a series of paint washes, giving her a rich, deeply-aged patina. Henny’s arms are lightly wired allowing them to be slightly posed. She has a hemp loop attached to her back for hanging or can sit if propped. Henny’s knees are jointed.

Henny’s face has been needle-sculpted by hand and hand-painted. Her bottom lip ‘pouts’ while her top lip is simply painted. She has been painted with various mediums & has been sealed top to bottom with a combination of glossy & matte acrylic sealer so that she may be lightly dusted after display & kept a lifetime.

Henny’s little fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She sports brown painted gloves & the cutest brown boots with striped socks in shades of green. Henny’s boots are highly detailed right down to the laces!

HennySide HennyFaceClose HennyShoes

Henny’s apron dress is made from two super cute 100% cotton prints, polka dot prints. Her blouse has been made of white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & a vintage button at the neckline. Both Henny’s dress & blouse feature tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been hand-stitched (dress, sleeves, collar), as well as the back of the blouse. Henny’s clothing has been treated to a coffee bath, adding to it’s aged appearance. Her clothing was then hand-washed & pressed with linen water.

HennyFabric HennyBodice HennyWing

Henny’s wings have been made of muslin & hand-quilted. They are highly detailed & are attached with a large vintage button & several strands of heavy duty thread.

Henny’s hair is red 100% mohair. (A little more subtle than in these photos.) I’ve lightly glued, then carefully needle-felted it to her head. Her hair is styled into two low messy buns.

Henny will be available Sunday May 18th at 9:15 PM EST. She will end Sunday, May 25th at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid!!!


  1. Krissy says:

    Wow. That doll is absolutely amazing. I’ve become such a big fan of yours. Your work is just wonderful.

  2. Lily says:

    Becky, she’s one of my favorites. Lily…

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