Hey There Little Red Riding Hood…

LRHeadtoToe This little girl needs no introduction!! Little Red Riding Hood & her pet Wolfie have been so much fun this week! This doll set is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind art! Little Red is 30″ tall. Her little wolf cub is 10″ wide (excluding tail) & 10.5″ tall. Both art dolls have been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Red’s lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled, weighting her little bottom, so that she sits nicely. Both dolls have been hand-painted & sanded, top to bottom many, many times & have been treated to paint washes, giving them rich, deeply-aged patinas. Red’s arms are lightly wired allowing her to be slightly posed.

Red’s face has been needle-sculpted by hand and hand-painted. Her bottom lip ‘pouts’ while her top lip is simply painted. She has been painted with various mediums & She has been sealed top to bottom with a combination of glossy & matte acrylic sealer so that she may be lightly dusted after display & kept a lifetime.

LRFace LRBodice LRBoots

Red’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She sports buttery, yellow painted gloves. She sports painted brown boots & buttery, yellow socks with Red laces, truly fitting for this little girl!

LRCape LRNoCape LRFabric

Red’s cape has been made of corduroy & lined with a sweet red floral print. It features hand-stitching around the hood & ties at the neck with two chocolate ribbons. Her blouse is made of white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & sweet a collar finished with an off white glass pearl. Red’s apron dress is made from a tan, twig & berry 100& cotton print. Both the dress & blouse feature tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been hand-stitched (dress, sleeves), as well as the back of the blouse.

      LRWolfFace LRWolf LRWolfeProfile

Red’s sweet little wolf cub has been made from nine separate pieces. His legs are attached with vintage buttons as is his tail. His face has been needle-sculpted by hand. He is highly detailed & features blue eyes. He can sit on his own.

LRProfile Red’s hair is wavy brown 100% mohair. I’ve lightly glued, then carefully needle-felted it to her head. It has been twisted to the side then fashioned into a low side pony tied with chocolate ribbon. 







(All week I’ve gone through the house singing “Hey there little red riding hood….” & Hungry Like a Wolf! Thanks, David Cook! Hmmm, what will I sing around the house this week?  )






Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf are available on eBay Sunday May 11th at 9:15 PM EST & will run through Sunday May 18th at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid on this darling set!


  1. Bonnie Jones says:

    Incredible!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine designing a pattern this complicated and then actually making it…….Your work stands out because it is so neat and well executed…..

  2. Krissy says:

    Just wonderful. Reds eyes are so gorgeous and real. I can’t get over how you do those wonderful faces. And of course, the boots are my fave. If I were a bit younger and braver, I might don a pair myself.

  3. Christine says:

    Every doll you make is outstanding! This one and the girl with the bird are both wonderful. Do you ever show your work in galleries?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thanks girls, for your lovely comments. Once I began this little girl, I couldn’t wait to get her finished…just to see what she would actually look like!

    Christine, I have not shown my dolls in a gallery just yet, but I have been contacted by an art gallery in Texas & am working on dolls for that. It is exciting & I hope to show in more galleries in the future. Krissy, I would love to have a pair of those boots, too! (I have taken to wearing stripy socks lately! How fun & whimsical! Even if you only get to see a peek. )

    Thank you so much Bonnie, coming from you that means so much… I look at your dolls & shake my head in amazement. I just wouldn’t even know where to BEGIN!


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