Delphie, whose Heart is as Tender as Spring

DelphieTorso I am so excited to introduce to you, Delphie. Like all of my dolls, this little lady is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind art! She is 29" tall. She has been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Her lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to weight her little bottom. Delphie has been hand-painted & sanded, top to bottom many, many times. She has been treated to a series of paint washes, making her look "oh so vintage". Delphie’s arms are lightly wired & can be slightly posed.

Delphie’s tender little face has been needle-sculpted by hand, (nose & lip), and hand-painted. She is heavily detailed & features big brown eyes, peachy cheeks, warm rose lips & detailed eyebrows. She has been painted with premium acrylic paints and shaded & highlighted heavily with oil pastels & artist pencils. Delphie has been sealed top to bottom with a combination of glossy & matte acrylic sealer so that she may be lightly dusted after display & kept a lifetime.

Delphie’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She sports painted, white, elbow-length gloves. She also sports painted brown boots which have been highly detailed, right down to the laces & taupe socks.

DelphieHeadShotDelphie’s apron dress is made from a striped, 100% cotton, Robert Kaufman print. It is truly supple & silky to the touch. It features two vintage mother of pearl buttons, in the front. Delphie’s blouse is made from white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & a fluffy collar made from lawn cotton. Delphie’s dress feature tons of hand-stitching! All visible hems have been hand-stitched (dress & sleeves), as well as the back of Delphie’s blouse. All clothing has been treated to a coffee and lavender bud bath for a slightly aged appearance. All pieces were then hand-washed & pressed with linen water.

Delphie carries the most grand egg! It is 7" tall & 5" wide at the widest point. (I’d hate to see that chicken!?!) Delphie’s egg has been made of paper clay & is not entirely smooth…there are bumps & uneven spots, adding to it’s hand-made charm. It is entirely hand-painted & was inspired by the handcut silhouettes of Sharyn Sowell. (She is brilliant!) It is lightly sealed with a matte acrylic sealer.


Delphie’s hair is 100% "dark brown" mohair. It is not nearly as red as in these photographs. It was lightly glued then carefully needle-felted to her head. I’ve styled her hair into loose pin curls at the nape.

Delphie is available on Ebay Feb 24th – March 2nd. She will end at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid.


  1. Rebecca, thank you for adding me to your blog. I love your dolls. They are so nicely made and painted. 🙂 Michelle

  2. Tootie says:

    She’s so springy and awesome!
    Happy Easter Rececca!

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