Miss Naoma

Introducing Miss Naoma, the better half of my ‘Couple in Autumn’ dolls.

Like Virgil, her companion, Miss Naoma has been entirely hand-sewn. She is made of muslin fabric & stuffed with fiberfill. Naoma’s lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean-filled. She has been painted & sanded, painted & sanded again, which gives her a leather-like feel. I treated Naoma to a series of washes to give her a beautiful, deeply aged patina. Her facial features & fingers & toes have been needle sculpted & hand painted with premium acrylic paints. Her wrinkles have been accentuated with oil pastels. Her hair (authentic, raw wool) has been lightly glued & then needle-felted to her head. Naoma has also been sealed with glossy acrylic sealer so that she can be preserved beautifully over the years.

Naoma’s clothes have been hand-sewn & treated to a lavender bud/tea bath. She sports bloomers, a blue print apron dress & linen undershirt. Her neckerchief is a vintage hankie with crochet trim & is fastened with a vintage clip-on earring.

Naoma carries a sunflower which has been treated to the same process. It was hand-sewn & hand-painted & sealed with clear glossy acrylic sealer.

Naoma is a big doll, measuring 34 inches.

Together, they make a lovely couple!


  1. Sheila says:

    I was looking at your designs and I am in love with your dolls. I am from Ky. a small little town called Stanton, Ky. Will you be putting this couple on email or will you offer it for sale on your website? Thanks for your time. Sheila

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Sheila,

    Stanton is right next door to me! I’m so happy that you like my dollies. All the dolls I have made to date are already owned & that includes Virgil & Naoma. They were the first dolls I ever offered on eBay. They were entirely hand-stitched. When they did not meet their reserve, they were given as gifts to my mother & father who loved them to pieces.

    Thanks so much for commenting on them. They are a special little pair of dolls!


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