Aubrey, a Primitive Toy-Toting Elf Girl.


Who says elves just make stick horses? This little girl is in charge of giving those beloved toys a twist!


Meet Aubrey. Aubrey is a free standing doll measuring 20″ from the tip of her hat to her base. (She has no legs.) She’s been made of muslin & is stuffed with fiberfill in the style of a stump doll. Her base is rag-stuffed & lightly weighted for stability. This sweet elf has been hand-painted & sanded a couple of times, giving her a lovely, aged patina. She’s been sealed so that she may be lightly dusted after display. Aubrey’s arms are button jointed allowing them to be slightly posed.

AubreyFace AubreyProfile AubreyHand

Aubrey’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her nose & bottom lip have been needle-sculpted by hand, giving her face a great bit of dimension & great a little pout. Aubrey has needle-sculpted hands as well & cute pointy ears.

AubreyFabric AubreyBeads AubreyBodice

This dress is spectacular if I do say so myself! It features nine 100% cotton prints in shades of red, brown & muted blue. Just perfect for a jolly, toy-making elf, don’t you think?I’ve hand-stitched the hem with brown thread. Aubrey’s blouse is sewn from taupe osnaburg & features hand-stitching at the neckline, sleeves & back. Her hat is constructed from chocolate velveteen & features big stitches around the brim with red embroidery thread. Two deep red beads dangle from the end. It is attached to Aubrey with two straight pins.

AubreyStocking AubreyAnimals

Aubrey’s stocking is made of brown wool & features vintage buttons along the front. There are red embroidery thread stitches decorating the stocking too! These stick animals feature hand painted “sticks”, embroidery thread reins & embroidery thread bows around the neck. They’ve each been made of muslin & have been hand-painted.


AubreySide AubreyBack

Aubrey’s wavy red hair is 100% mohair. It has been applied with light glue for extra security & needle-felting & has been left long.

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