Magdalene, Primitive Angel of Hope


This is Magdalene, the Angel of Hope. She is my original design and is guaranteed one of a kind! I’ve used no patterns or molds to create Magdalene or her clothing. She is 15" tall with a wingspan of 10". She is made of muslin and has been stuffed with fiberfill. The lower part of Magdalene has been rag-stuffed & bean filled allowing her to stand properly. She has no legs. Magdalene’s head has been hand-sculpted out of paperclay without the use of any molds–only my hands & a paintbrush! I’ve hand-painted & sanded Magdalene from top to bottom several times. She has been stained for a super grungy appearance. She has the patina of a beautifully aged antique. Magdalene’s arms have been lightly wired, allowing them to be bent slightly.


Magdalene has peachy cheeks, brown eyebrows, pale pink lips & big green eyes with yellow accents. Her tiny fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. Magdalene has been painted with premium acrylic paints. She has been sealed top to bottom with clear, glossy acrylic sealer so that she may be preserved beautifully over the years & kept a lifetime.

MagdaleneHope MagdaleneHand
Magdalene carries a banner reminding us all to simply Hope this Christmas. Each letter was hand-stamped onto taupe card stock paper in a lovely chocolate brown ink. I then strung each letter onto hemp twine. The twine is simply tied around Magdalene’s hands & is removable should you decide to display her without it.

MadgaleneEmbroidery MagdaleneStitching MagdaleneProfile Magdalene wears two dresses. The under dress has been fashioned out of white muslin. Her overdress has been fashioned with fabric from a vintage slip. It features delicate embroidery & crochet insets. Her dress is tied around the waist with a long chocolate ribbon. Magdalene’s overdress is long allowing it to pool beautifully at her base. These dresses feature hand-stitching around the hems, necklines & arm holes. They have been dyed in a coffee & lavender bud bath. They do not smell, however. I simply dyed them in those substances to obtain the desired hue. I then hand-washed them & pressed them with linen water.


Magdalene carries a fragrant bouquet made of sweet annie & dried rose hips I plucked from the woods behind our house. It is tied simply with a piece of hemp twine. Magdalene’s charming batik, polka dot wings have been made from fine, handmade 100% lotka paper that I purchased from a specialty shop. They have been glued to heavyweight chocolate cardstock & then sealed with many layers of mod podge. Magdalene’s wings have been affixed to her body with a vintage button & heavy-duty button thread.


And just look at all these guys together!!! I’m super proud to offer these dolls this week.


Magdalene will be available on eBay beginning tonight at 9PM EST. This will be a 5 day auction. She will end on Sunday at 9PM EST. Click here to view or bid!


  1. Tootie says:

    Holy Mother of God…..they just keep getting better and better. So glad you emailed me and I found your website Rebecca!

  2. rebecca says:

    Thank you Tootie! For all the sweet words.

  3. Rhonda says:

    You have got the most beautiful dolls. Your work is awesome and you deserve an award…Let me see …I will make you the best award for the year…great job and keep it coming …hugs Rhonda

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