The Woodland Fairies


This sweet trio of sprites is sure to help you usher in spring & watch over your home! At least they keep everything in their own little forest running smoothly!



The Woodland Fairies live in a vintage soda crate (12″ x 18″) that has been primed, painted, collaged, aged & sealed & crackled. Each 7″ dolly hangs from an eye hook with the aid of invisible filament. The dollies have been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. They’ve been painted & sanded a couple of times & have been treated to several layers of paint washes giving them lovely, aged patinas. Each doll has been sealed with a combination of glossy & matte sealers.


These dolls have been painted with a variety of media. Their noses & bottom lips have been needle-sculpted by hand giving them perfect little pouts, just like my larger dollies.

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Their fingers have been needle-sculpted as well. They sport tan painted gloves. Each doll also sports painted brown boots with socks & detailed laces. Their blouses are made of white muslin. They feature hand-gathered sleeves & hand-stitching around the neckline and back. Each blouse has seed bead buttons attached. Their dresses are made from 100% cotton prints. They feature hand-stitching around the hemline & wee little buttons adorn the front. All clothing was treated to a lavender bud/coffee bath for a slightly aged appearance. Every piece was then hand-washed & pressed.


The dolls’ wings were made from muslin. They’re machine-quilted & painted in fun, funky patterns. They’re attached with embroidery thread & a vintage button.


Vintage papers were used for the collage inside this box. Every piece was treated with an acid-neutralizing spray to prevent deterioration of the paper over time. Some of the text was taken from the Big, Big Story Book, a geography book, an antique dictionary & an antique grammar book. The trees were hand-painted & sealed.  

There is a lovely crackle texture applied to the outside of the box over several layers of primer & paint. In addition, the box has been lightly aged for an antique appearance.


The Woodland Fairies will be available on Ebay beginning March 31 at 9:15 PM EST. (Link won’t be active until that time.) They will end April 5th at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid on these darlings!


  1. So lovely and creative…and i definitely know how much love and labor went into this!!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Carrie!

  3. Bonnie Jones says:

    This is so wonderful and you have added so many details…delightful.

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