Bleu–a little girl sure to wash your winter blues away.

BleuHeadToToe Are you dreaming of Spring yet?

This little girl sure is! (And after one of the worst ice storms I’ve ever seen, a lot of us here in Kentucky are too!) But until it arrives, she has some sweet friends to occupy her time.

Bleu is my original design. She’s been made of muslin & stuffed with fiberfill. Bleu measures 15″ tall from top to bottom. She has been constructed to stand & has a solid base. Her base is is rag-stuffed & bean-filled, allowing her stand properly. Bleu has been painted & sanded a couple of times, giving her such a lovely, aged patina. She has been sealed with a combination of glossy & matte sealers so that she may be lightly dusted after display. 

BleuFace BleuProfile BleuHand

Bleu’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her nose & bottom lip have been needle-sculpted by hand giving her a perfect pout. Bleu’s hands have been needle-sculpted. She sports brown painted gloves. Each bird has been wired to her arms with rusty wire.

Her blouse is made of white muslin. It features hand-gathered sleeves & hand-stitching around the neckline. It is finished off with a vintage mother of pearl button. Her delicate skirt is made of natural, nubby linen. It is truly soft & sumptuous. The hem features hand-stitching in a contrasting chocolate brown thread.


Bleu’s bluebirds, created to resemble the Eastern bluebird, have been made of muslin from 3 separate pieces. The wings feature hand-quilted & have been attached by hand. These bluebirds have been painted, sanded, stained & sanded again.

BleuTorso BleuHairBack

Bleu’s hair is 100% golden brown mohair. It is not nearly as red as depicted in these photos. Bleu’s hair was applied with light glue & needle-felting.

Bleu is available on eBay Feb 1 – Feb 8th. She will end at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to visit this sweet girl!


  1. krissy says:

    Oh, those birds are darling! Yes, I am dying for spring. All these ‘springy’ pieces of art just make my longings worse.
    Hope you are having a great week!

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