Cordelia & Lottie, Velveteen Darlings

Cordelia has a special little friend, Lottie. And she wants to be just like her. Even if that means making her own carrot nose!

I’m proud to introduce to you Cordelia & little Lottie. These dolls are completely my original designs and are guaranteed one of a kind! I’ve used no patterns or molds to create these dolls or their clothing. Cordelia is 28" tall. Lottie is 13" tall. Both dolls are made of muslin and have been stuffed with fiberfill. Cordelia’s lower torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled in order to weight her little bottom. I’ve hand-painted & sanded Cordelia & Lottie from top to bottom. Then I hand-painted & sanded them again. Cordelia has been treated to a series of paint washes that give her a beautiful, deeply aged patina & make her look oh so vintage. Lottie has been stained to give her a super grungy look. Cordelia’s arms are lightly wired allowing her to be slightly posed.

Cordelia’s facial features (nose & bottom lip) have been needle sculpted & hand-painted. Her little bottom lip pouts. Her upper lip is simply painted. She has the rosiest cheeks, detailed eyebrows & big green eyes. I’ve hand-sculpted Lottie’s head from paperclay. No molds were used to sculpt her face. She has a carrot nose & big, baby blue eyes. Cordelia & Lottie’s fingers have been needle-sculpted. I’ve painted white gloves onto Cordelia. Both dolls have been painted with premium acrylic paints. Cordelia has been accented & shaded heavily with oil pastels. They have been sealed top to bottom with clear, glossy acrylic sealer so that they may be preserved beautifully over the years & kept a lifetime.

Cordelia is wearing the cutest shoes! They have been modeled after an antique pair of baby boots. They have been hand-painted, shaded, highlighted & distressed. Cordelia wears painted white socks & pantalettes made from white muslin. Her apron dress is made from white muslin & 100% cotton pretty floral brown print. It features brown buttons on the front. Cordelia’s undershirt is made from white muslin. Her pretty fluffy collar is made from white cotton voile.

CordeliaBootsClose LottieStockings LottieClose

Now for that cape! Cordelia’s cape is made from high quality burgundy velveteen. It is absolutely the perfect shade of burgundy, not too pink, but deep burgundy. Cordelia’s cape features a gathered hood & is lined completely with a sweet red & white calico. It ties in the front with two dark taupe grosgrain ribbons.
Lottie is wearing a white muslin undershirt & a skirt made from a tan, 100% cotton print featuring berry sprigs & wings. Her *cute as pie* little stockings are painted on in shades of dark red & green. The stripes are shaded with brown paint.
These clothes feature tons of visible hand-stitching. All hems on both dresses & pantalettes have been hand stitched. All sleeves feature hand-stitching & Cordelia’s cape has been hand-stitched completely around the outer edge of both the body & hood. I’ve dyed all clothes (except the velveteen cape) in a coffee & lavender bud bath. They do not smell however. I simply dyed them in those substances to obtain the desired hue. I then hand-washed their clothing & pressed each piece with linen water.


Cordelia’s little carrot nose has been made of paper clay. I hand-sculpted it without the use of any molds, only my hand & a paintbrush! I painted it dark orange, more of a bittersweet, to better compliment the burgundy cape. It has been stained & sealed with glossy sealer. It can be placed over Cordelia’s nose & tied in the back with two pieces of hemp twine as shown. Or she could be displayed without it.

Cordelia’s hair is black 100% mohair. It has been lightly glued for extra stability & then carefully needle felted to her head in the sweetest little pin curls. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to photograph the individual pin curls. Lottie’s hair is dark brown 100% mohair. It has been carefully needle-felted to her head & is fashioned into low pigtails. Her pigtails are tied with chocolate ribbons.


Cordelia & Lottie will be available on eBay Nov. 11-18th. Click here to view or bid!

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