Chi Chi, a feisty folk art Chihuahua.


This little dumpling is Chi Chi. I’ve received several requests for different dog breeds & decided to see if I could make a Chihuahua. Well, Chi Chi is definitely a cutie & is absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Chi Chi is 13″ tall from the tip of her ears to the bottom of her feet. She’s has been made of muslin, stuffed with fiberfill & painted & sanded many times, giving her a lovely, aged patina. She has been sealed with a combination of matte & glossy sealers so that she may be beautifully preserved. Though she’s been sealed with matte sealer, she still has a slight sheen. Chi Chi’s torso has been rag-stuffed & bean filled allowing her to sit nicely. Her arms are wired & may be gently posed.

ChiChiFace ChiChiProfile ChiChiHand

Chi Chi’s face has been painted with a variety of media. Her large ears have been attached separately & are hand-stitched in place.

Chi Chi’s fingers have been needle-sculpted by hand. She sports tan gloves. She also sports pretty brown boots complete with tan socks & red hand-painted laces.

ChiChiBoots ChiChiBodice ChiChiFabric

I am in love with this fabric! The cream & red print has such a vintage feel & is perfect for year round display. Chi Chi’s blouse has been made of white muslin & features hand-gathered sleeves & a vintage button at the neckline. All exposed hems have been hand-stitched. There is also hand-stitching at the neckline of Chi Chi’s blouse & along the back seam. Chi Chi’s blouse has been treated to a coffee/lavender bud bath for a slightly aged appearance. It was then hand washed & pressed.


Chi Chi gently holds this little candy cane bundle, perfect for Christmastime. Sprigs of sweet annie is nestled between the canes & the bundle is wired then tied together with rusty jingle bells & chocolate ribbon. This candy cane bundle measures 4″ tall & is not attached so that Chi Chi can be displayed even after the holidays.


Chi Chi is available on Ebay. She will end Nov. 23 at 9:15 PM EST. Click here to view or bid!


  1. melissa says:

    ADORABLE! Looks just like my dog! Happy Holidays!

  2. Lori says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………she is just so darn cute!!!! =D

    Love her! Lori

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